I only want to record my screen

Turn Off Your Camera

Select the "Video" icon from the top toolbar. Each camera connected to your computer will appear as a button in the preview area. The camera being used will appear with a check mark over it. Deselect the camera buttons that include a checkmark: 

Video tab, Panopto Express. On it, two video streams appear - one has a checkmark overlaid on the preview image and is highlighted by a red box.


Select Your Screen

Select the "Screens and Apps" icon from the top toolbar: 

Panopto Express. On the top toolbar, the "Screens and Apps" option to the far right appears highlighted by a red box.

The “Share your screen” menu will appear. To select your screen, select “Your Entire Screen,” select the screen you want to present, and then select “Share.”  If you want to share your screen’s audio, select the checkbox next to “Share audio.”  Note: in this example image, the user has two screens: a laptop screen and an additional monitor. If you only have one screen, or share the screen you are using Panopto Express on, it will create an endless, mirrored effect until you minimize the Express recorder. Your screen will still be recorded in this case.

 "Share your screen" pop-up menu. On it, "Your Entire Screen" appears with two screen options for the user to choose from.


When you're ready to record, select the record button: 

Record Button, Panopto Express: A large, red circle that appears in the bottom middle of the Express recorder. 

When you're done recording, select the stop button: 

 Stop button, Panopto Express: A red square that appears inside of a circle, located in the bottom middle of the Panopto Express recorder, indicating a recording is in-progress

I'm Done Recording!