I want to record myself and a browser tab

Selecting a Camera and Microphone

Panopto Express will automatically select your built-in camera and microphone. To change these options, select the "Audio" and/or "Video" option from the top navigation: 



Selecting a Browser Tab

Make sure the website you want to record is open in a browser tab, first. 

Select the "Screens and Apps" icon: 


The “Share your screen” menu will appear. Select the tab “Chrome tab.” This will display icons for each of the tabs you have open in your browser. Select the page you want to share, and then select “Share.”  If you want to share the webpage’s audio, select the checkbox next to “Share audio.” 


Arrange Your Video Sources 

Select the gear icon from the lower-left corner of the recorder to open the Settings menu: 


In the section "Video Layout," you can select one of the following options: 




The secondary video is featured, and the primary video will appear in the lower right-hand corner: 


This will show all of the streams tiled into one video. The tiles will automatically resize, depending on how many streams were recorded:  1651257246585-1651257246585.png



When you're ready to record, select the record button: 


When you're done recording, select the stop button: 


Then, visit I'm Done Recording!